Industries We Serve

At Beyon Funding, we understand that each and every industry has its own requirements. There are different requirements for every industry and sector.

We provide business loans to different industries at Beyon Funding. Some of the primary business industry loans which offer our customers through our vast network of lenders are mentioned below.


  • Agriculture/farming business loan
  • Commercial Fishing Business Loans
  • Commercial Timber Business Loans

Automotive/ Transportation

  • Automotive Business Loans
  • Automotive Repair Shop
  • Car Wash Business Loans
  • Commercial Trucking Loans
  • Commercial Truck Financing


  • Barber Shop
  • Beauty Salon Financing
  • Nail Salon Financing
  • Tattoo Shop


  • Construction Business Financing

Food And Beverage

  • Bakery Business Loans
  • Coffee Shop
  • Food Truck Business Loans
  • Grocery Store Business Loans
  • Pizza Shop
  • Restaurant Financing
  • Sports Bar

Health Care

  • Chiropractic Practice
  • Dental Office Financing
  • Medical Office Financing

Non Profit

  • Church Financing


  • Men’s Clothing Store
  • Retail Business Loans


  • Consulting


  • Oil & Gas Financing


  • Fitness Center Business Loans

In case you do not see your specific industry? There’s no problem! You can still complete the funding request form or call us at (310) 626-2670, and we will help you find out which sector is the best suitable for you.