Funding Options

At Beyon Funding, we help all small businesses get the fundings that they need in order to maintain the sustainability of their businesses.

We offer fundings for payrolls, new equipment, inventory, expansion, etc. to help you make your business successful. This is our entire aim. Strong small businesses are a boost to the economy at the end of the day.

To help you get nearer to your goal while also playing your part in benefiting the state’s economy, we offer different types of funding options.

Working Capital Advance Fund

Whatever the reason may be, we all know exactly how much support small businesses need at the time. With our funding, you can secure the future of your business and allow it to thrive.

Traditional loans may take a lot of time and also have the risk of decline. It also places a lot of weight on the credit card. Alternative funding products like Working Capital Advance places less emphasis on such factors.

Time: You may get approved as quickly as 24 hours with this product.

SBA Loans

The SBA Working Capital Loan is also called the “gold standard” of loan options for small business owners. It is a loan backed up by the government itself that is partially guaranteed by the Small Business Administration (SBA), which is an agency of the federal government.

Time: The approval can happen in minutes, but it requires expertise like at least 2 years in business. For more information, feel free to call us

Line of Credit

This type of funding for your business provides a very convenient option. It helps in controlling when and how much funding you take.

Once approved, you can draw out as little or as much as you want to the approved unit. This ensures that you never have to pay for more money than you need.

Time: It takes 6 months in business and gross revenue of 300k. Once approved, findings take 24 hours.

Term Loans

Term loans are but easier to get than the SBA loans. It is for people who want the benefits of a traditional loan but still need the funds in a short a time as possible, we offer them the term loans.

Time: It can take 2-4 weeks and requires the above 2 years in business. For more details, feel free to call us.

Equipment Financing

With this type of funding technique that we offer at Beyon Funding, we offer equipment financing where you may be able to finance up to 100% of their equipment cost.

Time: It hardly takes 24-48 hours, and the process can easily be completed online.

So do not wait any longer. Sign up or complete our no-obligation form today to get a loan for your small business today. We will ensure the rest

We promise you won’t regret doing business with us.

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